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Commercial property for sale in Dubai

The government of UAE provides beneficial conditions for various businesses to thrive in Dubai, one of the biggest international economic centers, hence creating a high demand for commercial property for sale.

Fast-paced economic environment allows purchased property to be highly profitable, reaching up to 8% a year and allowing a stable flow of foreign companies, creating a competitive market.

Types of commercial property in Dubai for sale

Dubai offers a wide variety of commercial property among many of its districts, such as villas, townhouses, offices and co-working spaces, residential complexes and so on. These commercial spaces come furnished or empty, allowing flexibility of the estate for sale.

Smaller businesses have an option to buy or rent commercial units on first floors of business centers, residential property and others to be turned into a fitness center, a small store or a spa. Massive office buildings are suitable for administrative use or co-working, whereas villas can fit private clinics, stores or restaurants. 

The type of commercial property to buy depends on the type of business and the budget available, as the pricing can range widely, depending on the properties of the estate.

Commercial property prices in UAE

Prices of the real estate can vary, depending on the following factors:

  • Type. When looking to buy property, the first thing to consider is what type is the most suitable for the business’s needs and budget available. On average, a villa starts from 1.000.000 AED, whereas a showroom from 9.000.000 AED;
  • Size. The bigger the premises, the higher the price is going to be. For example, a warehouse or a storing unit can go for as low as 700.000 AED for 64 sq. m. and as high as 34.000.000 AED for 17.164 sq. m.;
  • Location. Districts of Dubai vary in popularity amongst tourists and businesses, thus creating an uneven return for different types of commercial property. Buying real estate to set up a store will prove most profitable in areas such as Business Bay, Jumeirah Lake Towers or International City, starting from 1.000.000 AED and up to over 80.000.000 AED. On the contrary, in a district less popular, the average price for the same size building is going to be lower;
  • Secondary factors (e. g. the construction company, materials used or additional properties of the building).

To summarize, the price doesn’t only depend on the size of the space for purchasing, but also type and location, sometimes including additional factors.

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