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Flats for sale in Dubai

Apartments for sale in Dubai are of interest not only to those people who plan to live in the United Arab Emirates themselves, but also to those who consider the UAE as a platform for profitable investments.

Today, Dubai is the busiest emirate. International events such as exhibitions, conferences, summits and many others are held here all the time. The headquarters of many companies are located here, including large multinational corporations, as well as promising startups from around the world.

Dubai is the business center of the world, where the residential real estate sector is rapidly growing, because active development began here only about three decades ago. New objects of all kinds are being constantly built. In this regard, today the dynamically developing real estate market offers buyers from all over the world apartments for sale in freehold zones special areas of Dubai where foreigners can buy real estate. In this case, the purchase process is very simplified and, with the mediation of a reliable agency,  A large number of offers allows you to choose an apartment both for personal use and for investment at the most favorable price and attractive characteristics.

Why to invest in a DXB apartment

Among all the apartments in Dubai, there is a category of apartments that should be mentioned separately. These are apartments near Dubai Airport. Dubai is the real business hub of the world. There is constant active movement of passenger traffic here. Therefore, any property in the immediate vicinity of the airport is extremely popular. Apartments located in such an area are offered for sale at higher prices than others, but they pay for themselves very quickly, since they are in demand among wealthy travelers, mainly engaged in business affairs.

It is safe to say that the Dubai Airport area is one of the most advantageous places if you are considering purchasing an apartment in this emirate for investment purposes. It will also be convenient for personal use if you are a frequent visitor to Dubai airport for example, if you live in two countries. Investing in apartments located close to Dubai airport is an almost win-win way of investing money that will allow you to stay in the black in any scenario, regardless of whether you rent out the apartment for a long or short term, or even decide to sell it. Prices for flats near the airport are quite high, but the prestige of this location fully justifies such costs.


Types of Apartments Available for Sale in Dubai

Every type of apartment you can imagine is available for sale in Dubai. They include studios, apartments with one to five bedrooms, penthouses. Here you can find flats for absolutely every taste and budget both located near green walking areas and on the top floor of a skyscraper with panoramic views of the city, both small and cozy, and huge and spacious, modest and luxury. Everything depends only on the amount of funds available to the buyer and on his requests.

Of course, if a businessman who comes to Dubai every few weeks is going to buy an apartment for his personal use, he will need a completely different area than a family with children who are going to live in Dubai permanently. If the apartment is purchased as an investment for rental purposes, the requirements change again. Fortunately, the vast majority of developers in Dubai prioritize infrastructure, so whatever the buyer's wishes, with rare exceptions, it is accompanied by thoughtfully placed parking, shops, sports fields, fitness centers, playgrounds, restaurants, educational facilities and other institutions. Most developers profess an integrated approach to territory development, so even within one residential complex, residents can find almost everything they need for life. 

Furnished & Unfurnished Apartments which is better to invest

Many investors, before purchasing an apartment in Dubai, think which option is better: furnished or unfurnished apartments. In fact, both options have their advantages and disadvantages. When purchasing a furnished apartment, you can be sure that all the furnishings are in the same style, and in most cases you can save on appliances and furniture, which are more expensive if purchased separately. However, in this case, despite all the conveniences, you may be faced with a situation where the tenant is looking for an apartment in which he could create a style close to himself, that is, arrange the apartment in accordance with his wishes. In most cases, these are tenants who plan to live in the apartment permanently and for a long time. When purchasing an unfurnished apartment, an investor is faced with the need to independently design the interior. At the same time, his tastes may not satisfy the requirements of clients who want to rent housing.

It is difficult to give definite advice regarding the purchase of furnished or unfurnished apartments. However, there is a general trend: in recent years, buying already furnished flats has become increasingly popular. In this case, you can place certain design accents using textiles, various small elements like coffee tables, and so on. This will give the apartment a new, yet lived-in and welcoming look.

What are the miscellaneous fees involved in purchasing a flat in Dubai?

If a foreigner purchases an apartment in Dubai in a freehold zone, he does not need to pay property tax. This attracts buyers from all over the world, since the only payment such an investor has to face is a maintenance fee, which is something like rent. Of course, when purchasing a flat you need to pay a registration fee, but its amount is small and not comparable with the amount of taxes in most developed countries of the world. If you decide to sell the apartment or gift it to someone, these actions will also not be subject to tax, regardless of whether you own the apartment as an individual or a legal entity. Such conditions make Dubai an ideal place for investment emigration. 

Who can buy an apartment in Dubai?

In Dubai, there are no restrictions on the category of people who can buy an apartment. Buying a flat in Dubai is a much simpler process than many people imagine.

Since income in the Emirates is not taxed, this country is a real magnet for many entrepreneurs, investors and all those who want to provide themselves with a safe haven in today's hectic changing world. help foreigners buy any apartments in Dubai at different prices directly from developers.