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Buying Offices in Dubai

Purchasing commercial real estate in Dubai is in very high demand. It brings profits of up to 8-9% per year. In addition, people who invest in Dubai real estate can, subject to certain conditions, obtain a long-term residence permit in the UAE, also known as a Golden Visa. In addition, since 2019 it has become possible to obtain a resident visa by purchasing commercial real estate starting from just 1 million AED.

Buying an office in Dubai is an opportunity to locate your business in an area that attracts thousands of investors, start-ups, as well as owners of large companies operating internationally. Dubai is one of the most attractive places in the world to buy office property because a number of areas are dedicated specifically to business life. All conditions have been created here for business prosperity, for achieving goals, implementing plans and introducing innovations.

The Best Communities to Buy Workspace in Dubai

Foreigners can buy a workspace not in all communities in Dubai. There is a list of areas in which commercial properties are available for sale to foreigners. These include Business Bay, Palm Jumeirah, Emirates Hills, Jumeirah Islands, Jumeirah Lake Towers and Dubai Marina.

If we are not talking about a foreign citizen-private person, but about a foreign company, then they can purchase commercial real estate also in the free zones of Dubai. Moreover, they must be registered in Dubai itself, in its free zones or in the Jebel Ali free zone.

All of these areas are attractive for purchasing business spaces because they have a soft tax regime, economic stability, and a strong flow of expats and tourists. In 2024, the most sought after areas for purchasing commercial property include Business Bay, Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), International City, Jebel Ali and Al Quoz. They are distinguished by convenient transport accessibility, a solvent public, and many shopping and office centers. 

In these areas, you can purchase both fully furnished and unfurnished business spaces, depending on whether you are going to decorate the premise in the unique style of your business or whether a room with a standard design is enough for you.

What to look for in a commercial office space

When purchasing office space, it is important to take into account all the nuances regarding both its layout and location. It is very important that the space has easy transport accessibility and that employees and visitors can park safely. 

There are many types of commercial real estate, so don't assume that location recommendations that are suitable for property types such as hotel apartments, warehouses or retail will necessarily be suitable for office space. Of course, when purchasing commercial space, it is important how it is equipped and what size it is. Even those details that at first glance may seem unimportant, such as the color scheme of the room, the level of natural light, and the floor on which the office is located, matter. It is also important that the office is located in an area that is generally attractive to businessmen and clients, where a culture of a business environment has been formed.


What is the average office sale price/sqft in Dubai?

The average price of offices for sale per square foot in Dubai is approximately AED 864. Of course, this value is influenced by many factors, such as the total area of the premises, layout, specific business complex, the floor on which it is located, and the prestige of the area.

What are Free Zones & why should I care?

Dubai Free Zones are free economic zones, or autonomous territories, which are also common in all other emirates. Here, foreign citizens can open companies where the entire authorized capital belongs to a foreign owner. Free zones in Dubai are attractive areas for all businessmen, since a resident of any country can establish a business here, there is simplified taxation, and there are no customs duties on goods and services.

Popular neighborhoods for renting and buying offices in the UAE

Popular neighborhoods for renting and buying offices in the UAE in Dubai include business areas such as Business Bay, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Sheikh Zayed Road. These are well-maintained areas in Dubai with almost ideal infrastructure and many developments, where the headquarters and branches of many companies conducting a wide variety of activities are located. These are the most prestigious and popular places, however, it should be borne in mind that the more prestigious the community, the higher the price of renting and purchasing a premise in it.

Process and regulations for setting up a business in the UAE

The process and regulations for starting a business in the UAE – the quest is simpler than many people think. First of all, it is necessary to establish a company, whether in a free zone or on main land. Next, when starting a business, it is important to determine the nature of your business activity. Next, you need to decide on the legal structure of the company, register a trade name, and choose a place and location for the business. It is necessary to obtain initial approval and finally go through the registration process and pay fees. Of course, each stage has its own nuances, but in general the process rarely takes more than two weeks.

What do you need before looking for a commercial unit?

Before looking for commercial premises in Dubai it is necessary to establish a business, give it a name, decide on its legal structure, and only after that it is advisable to start searching for office space.

What are Free Zones and which ones are popular?

There are more than 45 free zones in the UAE. In free zones, businessmen enjoy minimized taxation, can fully own the company's property and count on 100% repatriation of capital and profits. Popular free zones of Dubai include Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA), Dubai Airport Freezone (DAFZA) and Dubai Multi Commodities Center (DMCC).

Can expats buy office space in Dubai?

Expats can freely purchase office space in Dubai in free zones. However, they will not have any restrictions on property rights. About 80% of businesses in Dubai are owned by expats.