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Dubai Properties for Sale

In Dubai, real estate available for sale provides investment and living opportunities for many expatriates and foreign residents. It is highly demanded in Dubai among investors and businesses, always in shortage despite constant construction. Choices for sale in Dubai and its nearby areas are both lavish and affordable, making it well worth investing.

Advantages of Buying Property in Dubai

Buying assets in Dubai is beneficial due to the UAE government creating rich conditions for businesses to thrive in and individuals to live in luxury with affordability. Many areas of the UAE, but Dubai specifically, offer property that provides great investment returns, making it exceedingly profitable. Additionally, ownership in Dubai gives an opportunity of a residential visa.

What kind of properties can you buy in Dubai?

Dubai offers a wide spectrum of properties that are available for sale.

Residential property is best suitable for personal living or as options for investors in Dubai, they are generally divided into three types:

  1. Villas. Luxury property in suburban areas of Dubai or communities that offer spacious rooms and exquisite decor inside and lavish amenities outside like gardens, gyms, pools. Prices for villas on the real estate market in Dubai start with as low as 1.700.000 AED and go up depending on size, augmentations and location;
  2. Townhouses. Properties for sale of shared use, townhouses are suitable for accommodating several families at once. These options in Dubai prove to be more affordable than villas and still provide some level of serenity and exclusion within its community. Purchase prices for townhouses in Dubai start with 1.600.000 AED for 2 br options;
  3. Apartments. Scattered across the central areas of Dubai, apartments tend to be the most affordable residential property for sale. The starting price on some of the smaller estate for sale in Dubai is just shy of 1.000.000 AED and is heavily affected by location. Apartments in the heart of Dubai, for example, in Trade Center, are up for sale for already 3.000.000 AED. Investors choose this property for its wide variety and availability on the Dubai market and high and quick returns.

When it comes to commercial properties, most of them can be also divided into three categories:

  1. Office-type properties. Under this category in Dubai fall separate offices, coworking spaces and entire business centers. Companies and entrepreneurs buy office property in Dubai for administrative management and working away from home. In regards to property cost, for example, offices, this estate goes for sale in Dubai for at least 3.000.000 AED for 150 m²;
  2. Industrial. This category of property in Dubai covers working camps, factory buildings, plots of land and warehouses and is mostly used for managing goods and manufacturing purposes. Price-wise, relatively small warehouses of about 70 m² are for sale for 1.000.000 AED whereas properties like factory buildings are up on the Dubai market for 16.000.000 AED and up on average;
  3. Sales-oriented properties. Cafes, restaurants, hotels, shops – everything that directly generates income is a part of this category. Investors are often fond of this type of property in Dubai for the direct financial gain on top of the investment returns. For a price example, a small hotel in Dubai is up for sale for 1.500.000 AED.

All in all, there are many options on the Dubai market that suit anyone looking to buy properties in the UAE.

Freehold vs. leasehold – what is the difference?

The difference between the two is simple, but important for Dubai legalwise: 

  • The first sale contract option grants you ownership not only of the property you purchase in Dubai, but also the land on which it is situated. That means that you, as the owner, are able to rent out, sell or otherwise manage your estate as you please – within the law regulations of Dubai;
  • For leasehold in Dubai, you own just the property, meaning that for all the actions stated above you will technically always need to request permission of the landlord. 

The property and land ownership combination in Dubai allows for more room when it comes to what you want to do with your real estate, but a downside of it is being fully responsible for maintenance of both land and property. The most beneficial way of using such housing is as an asset of your investments as it portrays higher value and economic potential in modern Dubai.

Deciding between off-plan or ready-to-move options in Dubai

An off-plan property in Dubai is a future investment that has certain risks involved because you’re spending finances on a project that is yet to see life. The most important thing is to find a trustworthy Dubai developer that can deliver the property in said deadlines with top quality materials. An upside: off-plan properties in Dubai are significantly cheaper than ready-to-move-in ones.

The key advantage of ready-to-move-in properties in Dubai is being able to use it right after payment without having to wait for months, if not years. Furthermore, many developers of ready-to-move-in properties in Dubai offer payment plans that break down the price, making it quite affordable overtime.

What are the best areas in Dubai to buy in and how do I know that I am getting the best price?

As far as it goes for properties in Dubai, their location is often important and affects for how much it goes for sale on the market. That being said, the choice of location is dependent on the type of property planned to buy. 

For example, villas in Dubai are better to look for sale within community areas, like Emirates Hills, The Meadows or Al Furjan. Office properties have the most optimal offers for sale in central areas and business districts of Dubai, like Business Bay or Dubai Marina. Sale-oriented properties in Dubai have the highest revenue in tourist-popular areas and the town center.

The best price for properties in Dubai is the one that will easily return after investments. Generally, all properties in Dubai generate a high enough financial return overtime, but for better choices a comparison of different developers in Dubai is needed. Lastly, consulting an agency and getting housing via them results in a better price-to-quality ratio.

Who can buy property in Dubai?

In Dubai, expatriates and foreign residents can buy and own property, however, only in districts designated as freehold. It is stated so by the UAE government and is regulated by the Article 3 Reg. № 3 with listings of all up-to-date information on the districts. Some areas of Dubai include, but are not limited to:

  • Al Barsha;
  • Dubai Marina;
  • Palm Jumeirah;
  • Jebel Ali;
  • Emirates Hills.

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