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Office for rent in Dubai

UAE provides fertile economic grounds for public and private businesses to thrive in, especially in its main regions such as Dubai, thus drawing a constant flow of organizations seeking profitable space. Administrative property in Dubai, such as offices or business centers, appears popular as a result.

Offices for rent in Dubai: prices

There are two plans you’ll be choosing from when searching for office buildings to rent in Dubai: a typically monthly rent and a typically yearly lease. The general difference between them is the period of time they cover.  

While rent allows month-to-month payment, you can gradually extend it as your business settles down in Dubai. As for the yearly option, it grants you the confidence of the prepaid office space.

However, not all property is available for monthly or yearly charge in Dubai. A lot of times you’ll find yourself looking at strictly yearly plans, but in total they will be a cheaper option for an office in Dubai than a month-to-month payment up to a yearlong period. It is typically done that way to encourage businesses to pick yearly plans, thus staying for longer in Dubai and developing in the region. The availability of a monthly or a yearly plan usually depends on the construction company or an outside organization that helps you get rental office space in Dubai.

Rental prices for office space vary drastically depending on location, size, furnishing and other factors. For convenience, all prices will be shown for a monthly plan.

Talking size, a small 12m² space in Dubai can go for approximately 8.000 AED/month, but a 23m² property will cost twice more, rounding up for about 17.000 AED/month. Both office spaces are up for rent in the same district of Dubai – Business Bay, but if you look into other districts, for example, Dubai Marina, the same 23m² commercial property costs approximately 10.000 AED/month.

Generally, prices for furnished offices in Dubai will be quite higher than shell options due to its price already partially including the cost of all installments. Apart from that, office spaces that come with furniture may greatly differ in price among themselves depending on the quality of the interior add-ons.

Community and location guide

Although you can find office-type property available across most districts of Dubai, businesses tend to have better options closer to the center of town. For example, Business Bay, Downtown Dubai, Jumeirah Lake Towers are some of the most popular and populated with office buildings districts Dubai has to offer. Their location is full of general convenience such as being close to the heart of town, availability of transport, high security and so on. However, when searching for office options in these regions of Dubai, note that prices may be higher than for further and less convenient locations, as was mentioned before.

When it comes to community, roughly 90% of UAE’s population is expatriates and most of them flood to Dubai for its enterprise development. International influence has adapted Dubai to become not only a fast-paced economic center, but also a place of sharing culture, learning and experience. Dubai has become more liberal than other places across UAE, thus resulting in a stimulating and comfortable environment for both commercial and residential stay.

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1.    Is it better to rent or buy an office space in Dubai?

When choosing between buying or renting an office space in Dubai, it’s important to recognize your future plans in the region.

Buying offices may prove a better option if you’re planning to settle down and expand your business in Dubai. Aside from that, if in the future you’ll be selling purchased property, it promises a high return due to rapid economic growth of the Dubai region.

However, if your business’s stay in Dubai is estimated to be rather short or requires certain flexibility, rental office spaces are a better choice, saving you finances and allowing you to switch offices in or outside Dubai if needed.

 2.    Can expats rent/buy office space in Dubai?

Foreigners and expatriates may rent/buy property in freehold areas, stated in Article 3 of Regulation №3 of 2006 in the Emirate of Dubai without any restrictions.