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CORFAC International


CORFAC's global commercial real estate brokerage network is comprised of collaborative, entrepreneurial firms that offer unmatched service to clients and provide in-depth local market expertise.

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Real Estate in United Arab Emirates

Within the past ten years, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been at the forefront of opulent and innovative architecture, transforming its skyline with avant-garde designs and setting the standard for city living. With its strategic location, robust economy, and welcoming investment climate, the UAE presents an enticing opportunity for those interested in real estate. Whether it's sprawling houses and villas in the emirate of Dubai or sleek office spaces in the UAE’s capital, one can enjoy a great deal of diversity in the Emirates’ real estate market. Because of its advantageous location, strong economy, and welcoming investment atmosphere, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) appears as an alluring location for real estate investors.

Why should you invest in properties in the United Arab Emirates

In the UAE, investing in property comes with an abundance of extra bonuses. The nation's political stability, coupled with its status as a melting pot of different cultures and a booming hub for tourism and commerce, provides a solid foundation for those who look to invest in real estate. Also, the Emirates statesmen have worked out numerous investor-friendly initiatives, including long-term residence alternatives for property owners. Such aspects increase the Emirates' allure as an investment destination. Furthermore, the UAE is an appealing market for investors wishing to rent or purchase a house for eventual sale due to the possibility of high rental returns and profit in the country’s sought-after areas.

What kind of properties in the UAE can you invest in?

It's impressive how diverse the real estate listings are in the UAE, both for sale and rental purposes. A variety of property types are available for purchase, including opulent beachfront houses, tall apartments with expansive city skyline views, commercial premises in busy business districts, and expansive estates in tranquil settings. Whether you're searching for a house to purchase as a long-term family residence, an attractive investment opportunity in rental property, or even a business estate for your corporation, the United Emirates have something to offer for every kind of buyer.

Average prices on real estate in the UAE

When it comes to the pricing ranges available of the real estate market of the UAE, the average sale figures can vary widely, depending on the emirate, surrounding of premises, and type of property itself. While affordable options are offered in the suburban districts and northern parts of the UAE, where the owners of apartments and houses can expect excellent value for money and strong potential for rental income, finding and settling on a luxury villa in Dubai's Palm Jumeirah might set you back several million dirhams, reflecting the lifestyle offered by properties in such exclusive locations. On average, prices for buying premises in cities’ downtown areas in the Emirates start from one million AED, while houses in premium locations may start from two and a half million AED. The UAE offers solutions for every rental budget, with a wide range of rental pricing.

Benefits of working with us

Bright Rich, a worldwide property brokerage firm, has over 15 years of expertise in the UAE real estate business. We’ve served corporations like Maersk, Schindler, and Pepsi, with a transaction portfolio exceeding 1.9 million sq. m. Our team offers bespoke assistance in selecting UAE properties that align with your property requirements and guides you on every step until the contract is signed. We make finding a property on sale, buying it, or picking an ideal rental house in the UAE simpler. Our services include providing customized listings, valuable market insights, comprehensive support, and exclusive offers on properties. Whether it’s luxurious waterfront estates in Dubai or different types of properties in other emirates, we assist you in confidently and easily navigating this dynamic market, guaranteeing a rewarding and successful real estate experience in the United Arab Emirates.

About us

Bright Rich | CORFAC International is an international team of experts in real estate market. Since 2008, we have been helping to buy, sell, rent and invest in the best real estate around the world.

As of today, our portfolio of transactions is higher than 2 million sq. m. Our offices are open in Dubai and Almaty.

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