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5 BHK apartments for sale in Dubai

Five-bedroom flats offered for sale in Dubai are exclusive properties that are purchased for investment purposes for personal use. 300, 350 and even 400 square meters are the actual area of such objects. In some cases, they can even be two-story, for example, if it is a luxurious penthouse at the very top of a skyscraper. Of course, such an apartment includes  bathrooms, a spacious kitchen, hallways and auxiliary rooms where, for example, laundry is carried out. Such apartments boast luxurious balconies and terraces, and sometimes even a private pool.

Why should you invest in a 5 bedroom apartment in Dubai?

Investing in a 5-bedroom apartment in Dubai is a reliable, virtually risk-free way to ensure the safety of your funds and their increase. Real estate prices in Dubai are constantly rising, and there is no shortage of well-to-do tenants and buyers in the foreseeable future. If for some reason you decide to sell the flat you are renting out, you are guaranteed not to lose money.

A five-bedroom apartment is an excellent choice for both the owner’s large family and for renting out to wealthy residents. Many foreigners moving to Dubai prefer to bring their relatives with them especially since in order to live in this country, there is no need to be employed in Dubai. Despite the fact that there is an opinion that renting out an apartment from a high price segment with a large number of rooms is not easy, in fact it is not such a difficult task. Yes, the total number of applicants will be lower than for a small apartment, but this is compensated by the fact that most tenants are looking for long-term housing and are more than solvent.

Who can buy apartments in Dubai?

Buying apartments in Dubai is available to citizens of any country. Along with similar conditions for purchasing commercial real estate, this makes Dubai an amazing international destination that attracts successful business people from all over the world. There are many freehold zones available to foreigners who want to buy an apartment in Dubai, where a variety of offers are available in terms of space, prices and features of the surrounding infrastructure. Buyers can choose from a huge number of properties, both classically styled and ultra-modern, both located close to the center of business life and in quieter areas of the city.

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