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3 BHK villas for sale in Dubai

In the UAE, the economic growth of its central regions results not only in a high demand for commercial property for various businesses, but also for residential spaces. Foreign residents and expatriates come and stay in the Arab Emirates, purchasing apartments, townhouses or villas for long-term living.

Top Considerations when looking for 3 br villas for sale in Dubai 

There are several key differences between villas and other housing options which make them a substantially better residential space:

  • While an apartment and a townhouse are most often found closer to the city center or in urban districts of it, a villa is typically located in a more secluded area away from the city noise. Plenty of greenery and greater privacy create a higher quality rest within your living space;
  • Although factually more expensive than other housing options, villas come in larger size and are sold for a single-family residence unlike townhouses which serve as a living area for several separate families;
  • Villas come with a variety of additional facilities like pools, gardens or parking spaces, which are not typically provided by other residential property.

The size of villas generally depends not only on the size of separate rooms, but also on the number of bedrooms. The abbreviation BHK stands for bedroom-hall-kitchen, where the number put before the abbreviation is the bedroom amount. Villas with two or more bedroom spaces are considered a standard and a convenient option since it is able to house a growing family.

3 br villas, as mentioned earlier, are most often listed for sale in rural and remote areas to ensure high privacy and comfort.

Some of the town districts are restricted to villas only, creating a suburban community away from city hustle. These communities provide not only a secure area for family-oriented living with all the necessities like schools and nurseries, but also a comfortable and tranquil lifestyle.

When it comes to price, 3 br villas on average cost from 6.000.000 AED, offering typically over 300 m² of residential space and a list of augmentations such as lavish gardens, storage rooms, parking spaces and so on. The higher the acreage, the higher the price, with more additions attached to the property.

All in all, villas are a great residential choice compared to other options due to its privacy, serenity and an abundance of extensions to the property. Although mainly more expensive than apartments or townhouses, 3 br villas are considered a balanced and convenient choice for comfortable residency and family-oriented living.

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