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Villas for Sale in Dubai

The never-ending construction of new commercial and residential estate, like townhouses or villas, as well as the constant flow of foreign residents and expatriates willing to do their business and living in Dubai results in little to no shortage of estate for sale.

In Dubai, purchasing villas for settling down or investing into them for profiting purposes is a highly beneficial financial decision due to luxurious and comfortable style of living and substantial future returns on investments from selling or renting out estate.

Living the Dream in a House for Sale in Dubai

Luxury villas in a thriving beautiful place like Dubai create a picture of a dream house come into reality – and that picture is entirely real in the UAE. 

Villas in Dubai are up for sale with plenty of various extensions that facilitate your stay at home to be the most comfortable and pleasing: almost always a back garden, a pool, available parking spaces or entire garages. On the inside the villas are typically fully furnished with luxury items and are ready to move in right away. This kind of property is perfect for living in solitude or raising a family in safety and comfort – a dream like no other, because it is true in Dubai.

Where Should You Buy a Villa in Dubai?

Villas in Dubai can be generally found in many districts of town, most popularly in Golf City, Damac Hills or Dubai Marina. For example, villas in a community Silver Springs, located in Damac Hills, offer a luscious garden, a gym, a swimming pool and a spa along with other leisure sports and 5 bed spaces – all on the territory of just under 300 m². Prices for such villas start with 4.800.000 AED, which is rather affordable by Dubai’s standards and potential returns. In other districts the price, as well as the acreage and home amenities, will differ significantly.

That being said, what location to choose to buy villas in Dubai revolves around your needs and plans for said estate. When it comes to villa prices, any luxurious additions such as pools or golf courses add to it, as well as the number of bed space available. Smaller in size and bed space number villas are generally cheaper. For example, a 3 bed-space estate is for sale in Damac Hills for 1.700.000 AED, but villas that offer a 5 br option can be found for sale for almost 3.000.000 AED.

Investing in Dubai Villas

Investing in villas scattered around Dubai is a profitable long-term play that has a high potential of good financial returns and other benefits like provision of residency visa availability and diversification of assets.

Location, available amenities and extensions affect the choice when it comes to picking a villa in Dubai for investment purposes as all those factors influence the quality and potential of property available for sale.

Aside from location, villas vary in types, generally splitting in three:

  • Luxury villas;
  • Coast villas;
  • Golf course villas.

The first option refers to your typical villa in Dubai that is available for sale in a community or district across town. They are most impressive with size, luxury add-ons and neat unique designs.

The second option is also referred to as waterfront villas, which are located along the coastline or lakesides and are most valued for the panoramic stunning views. Their price is typically higher than the one for luxury villas for sale of a similar size due to a scenic location. For example, buying new waterfront villas in the Palm Jebel Ali sized around 680 m² will cost starting from 19.000.000 AED, whereas property for sale of roughly the same size, but located in the suburban area of Dubai, in Wadi Al Safa, will have its price start from approximately 10.000.000 AED.

The third option is an assortment of villas placed around various golf courses of Dubai for people who are looking for a mix of both peaceful living and lavish leisure. Such property is most often located in related community like Jumeirah Golf Estates. For example, you can find property for sale there located in an area of over 15.000 m² with available golf courses, a swimming pool, a gym, nearby cafes and restaurants. The price for villas in that area reaches 40.000.000 AED.

All in all, investing in Dubai villas is an effective way of building lasting wealth and expanding the reach of your assets due to Dubai’s rapid economic growth and, as a result, high property demand. The success of your investment depends on the property type, its location, potential rental returns and your own experience with buying and managing real estate, especially when it comes to Dubai’s generous investing conditions. 

Who can buy a villa in Dubai?

Locals and foreigners can buy a villa in Dubai, although expatriates can only do so in specific areas. As per the official portal of the UAE government, foreign ownership of property is allowed in areas of Dubai, specifically designated as freehold. Expatriates and foreign residents can purchase or invest into commercial or residential property without restrictions in those zones. 

The list of areas is open for updates and is regulated by the Article 3 Regulation №3. Below are some examples of districts in Dubai which conform to said article:

  • Business Bay;
  • Dubai Marina;
  • Jumeirah Lake Towers;
  • International City;
  • Downtown Dubai;
  • Burj Khalifa and others.

What are the new villa communities I can invest in?

Villa communities show to be a center of restful, composed and serene atmosphere, providing within it all the necessities and conditions for a peaceful living and a family-oriented life. The estate for sale that can be found in these closed areas of Dubai is remarkable for exquisite designs, convenience and a luxurious feel. Some of the communities, as listed:

  • Midrif. A popular choice amongst future or growing families due to its number of schools, kindergartens and different recreational areas like sports courts or playgrounds;
  • Dubai Silicon Oasis. A villa-only district combining residential and commercial buildings together, forming a miniature city-like structure within Dubai. A perfect community for individual business launching and keeping the work-life balance;
  • Jumeirah Park. An active community full of greens, sports courts, luxury villa options for sale and an admirable urban landscape. Additionally, Jumeirah Park is closely located to several main districts of Dubai and its International Airport;
  • Al Barari. An eco-friendly community with a commendable amount of luscious botanic gardens, deep clear lakes, parks and wellness centers. Buying a ready to move in villa in this area of Dubai suits nature and health oriented lifestyles;
  • Dubai Hills Estate. A modern community that offers all services within its territory to support a day-to-day life: hospitals, schools, shopping malls and a luxury addition – an entire set of golf courses. The community is located not far from Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina, allowing for quick access to the convenience of the rest of town.

That being said, Dubai offers a wide variety of options when it comes to looking for a beneficial area to buy villas. Communities, like the ones mentioned above, are the ideal choice for both peace and security, as well as a place to meet like-minded people when it comes to lifestyles. Dubai is full of affordable and suitable choices for sale in any community.

Can I make modifications to the house?

Although it isn’t generally restricted to make modifications to purchased mansions, it is important to know the specifics of it being done in Dubai. Any home changes or improvements require an Emaar or Nakheel (leading property developers in UAE) permission acquired beforehand, that includes: 

  • Indoor changes;
  • Garden landscaping;
  • Installing garden extensions.

Any external changes to the building (e. g., working on a balcony), front area modifications, wall adjustments and so on are not allowed according to their Home Modification Guidelines. This restriction is done to keep the outside look of the estate same to its origin and the outlook of the entire community united.