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Studio for sale in Dubai

A studio for sale in Dubai is more than the tiny living space that CIS residents are accustomed to thinking of when they hear this word. This category includes a compactly organized common area that combines living space and a cooking area, as well as a living area. The bathroom is compact, but at the same time, its size is quite adequate in order to enjoy water procedures in comfort. Studio apartments are the type of objects in which the skill of developers is especially well demonstrated, planning the space with maximum convenience and ergonomics. As a rule, small apartments are offered for purchasing fully equipped with household appliances and furniture.

Why to invest in a DXB studio

Apartments of this kind in Dubai are purchased primarily for investing and not for personal use. However, regardless of the purpose for which you are going to purchase a small apartment in Dubai, one of the most advantageous locations is the area close to Dubai Airport. Having a small property in such a location is extremely convenient if you plan to live in Dubai periodically. The proximity to the airport will allow you to comfortably get to your accommodation without wasting time traveling around the city. If you are going to rent out the object, most renters will be happy to know that the airport is only 5-10 minutes by car. Studios, as a rule, are rented by business people who value mobility and comfort and who are often on the road. Therefore, a DXB location is a complete benefit. Due to the small area and the relatively low cost of rent, you will definitely not end up with clients who want to rent comfortable and compact apartments that does not require a lot of time for cleaning.

A DXB compact flat is an ideal investment for those people who want to protect their money from depreciation. In the United Arab Emirates, the real estate market is constantly growing, since all properties are in great demand due to the fact that this region is a real business center of the world. By purchasing a property here, you can be sure that regardless of whether you rent it out or decide to resell it, you will make a good profit.

Who can buy studio in Dubai?

Both a citizen of the United Arab Emirates and a resident of any other country can a studio in Dubai, provided that they purchase real estate in freehold zones. These are special areas where foreigners can purchase housing that is tax-free. This measure of stimulating investment by foreign citizens in the real estate sector in Dubai works more than effectively and bears fruit in the form that citizens of various countries choose Dubai as a place to purchase studios and apartments of other configurations for investment purposes and for personal use.

By contacting, you have the opportunity to explore a huge catalog of properties, including thousands of studios of various layouts, locations and sizes. When choosing an object, you can rely not only on basic parameters, such as the area of the apartment and the number of floors of the building, but also on many others, including the functionality of the room, zoning features, a specific residential complex, the degree of equipment with household appliances and furniture, the style of decoration, and infrastructure features. The latter include the proximity of shops, parking lots, bars, restaurants, sports complexes, beaches, and so on. We offer properties directly from developers who have proven their reliability and often offer more than favorable prices, especially for foreign buyers who are interested in real estate in freehold zones.