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Buying a 3-bedroom apartment in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most popular and fastest-growing cities in the world. This is a great place to live, work, and do business. It attracts with a favorable climate, developed infrastructure, the security of the region, and the availability of loans/mortgages. For foreigners and locals, housing in the UAE and Dubai is a profitable and reliable investment. There are many options for buying real estate in this city. In each of the areas, there is a sale of objects with a big discount. Bright Rich offers the best 3-bedroom apartment for sale in Dubai.

The Average Sale Price for 3-Bedroom Apartments in Dubai

The average price of the sale of apartments with 3-bedrooms in the emirate is about 2,5–4 million AED. An analysis of the market for all areas shows that the most affordable facilities are located in International City. Prices may vary depend on the individual preferences of the client: the area of the apartment, amenities, and other factors. Also, the price in Dubai is determined by the view that opens from the apartments, the age of the building, the availability of repairs, and design solutions. In all areas, you can buy real estate remotely.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying a 3-Bedroom Apartment in Dubai

Bright Rich offers three BHK objects. These are profitable deals with many advantages:

  • Security of the region. The UAE has a stable political and economic environment. Local, harsh laws ensure public order. Most of the population are well-off citizens who contribute to stability. This increases the volume of sales.
  • Responsible developers. Only conscientious developers are engaged in construction. The availability of a license and an impeccable reputation guarantee the fulfillment of obligations. All objects under construction are delivered on time.
  • The UAE government controls the transactions. The government monitors compliance with legislation in the field of the sale of construction facilities. Participation in transactions by large developers is an additional guarantee of compliance with the interests of buyers.
  • Availability of loans. Future owners of apartments can buy a 3-bedroom property for sale in Dubai with a mortgage. The sale of objects on credit is growing. It is easy to apply for a loan if the client has a good credit history and a stable income. If the necessary documents are available, the bank will issue a mortgage for purchase in any of the areas for a period of 15–25 years. Foreigners can buy real estate in the emirate only in freehold zones.
  • The purchase of apartments is an opportunity to get a golden visa. If a foreigner decides to purchase a property in Dubai, he can count on the analogy of a residence permit for a period of 1 to 10 years.

Customers who decide to buy new 3-bedroom apartments in areas of the city should consider not only the advantages of buying real estate in the town. There are some disadvantages that should be taken into account when making a decision:

  • Religiosity. The UAE has its own mentality and customs. Religion affects many territories of life. In areas of Dubai, as in other emirates, alcohol, smoking, and gambling are not acceptable. Immoral behavior can be fined, deported, or even imprisoned. Punishment is threatened for extramarital cohabitation, homosexual relations, inappropriate appearance.
  • Intermediaries are involved in the deal with apartments. The third participant in the purchase and sale of real estate guarantees the integrity of the transaction and compliance with the law.
  • Tax on the purchase of secondary housing. For example, if a three-bedroom flat belongs to the secondary housing market, the buyer must pay 2% of the cost of the property. Additionally, realtor expenses and shipping costs will be required.

Top 10 Neighborhoods for Buying a 3-Bedroom Apartment and Investing in Dubai

Bright Rich helps clients realize their dream and become the owners of objects in areas of Dubai. The managers take into account all the wishes that the client has indicated. There is a huge list of offers. Objects of any size are available. In our catalog, you will find only the best objects from the emirate. The Top 10 most popular areas for buying and investing in a three-bedroom flat in the town include:

Dubai is not just about the luxury of skyscrapers. Construction companies create beautiful residential areas where it is prestigious and comfortable to live. In each area, you can find the perfect place at an affordable price or buy on credit any of the selected 3 BHK apartments.