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Raduis Group has become a resident of the Space 1 serviced office

Raduis Group, a warehouse and industrial real estate developer, has become a resident of the Space 1 serviced office, renting 11 workspaces on the 41st floor of Al Salam Tower in Dubai. Bright Rich | CORFAC International acted as a broker of the deal.

Radius Group is a leading developer and owner of class A warehouse and industrial real estate. The company is now actively developing in the UAE market, where it plans to sell more than 500 000 sq. m. of effective institutional logistics space in the industrial zones of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

«Currently, the Dubai real estate market is experiencing a shortage of available high-end office space, so finding a suitable unit, especially for small companies, is quite difficult. In addition, tenants are often forced to make repairs themselves, and searching for a contractor and monitoring construction and installation work increases the costs and time of moving to a new office.

At the same time, we should not forget that companies that are just entering the Dubai market, in addition to finding an office, need to solve a number of other non-trivial tasks – for example, related to opening a company and a bank account, which is quite laborious and has its own specifics.

In such a situation, the help of a broker is useful. The real estate broker will save your resources and allow you to focus on your core business. Serviced offices are an excellent format, offering quick rental of the required number of workplaces with ready-made repairs and furniture.

We were able to instantly find an office in a suitable location, making the search and relocation process comfortable for the tenant. And, of course, we are glad to cooperate with real estate industry colleagues,»comments Victor Zaglumin, co-founder and partner of Bright Rich | CORFAC International.