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Office for sale in Business Bay

United Arab Emirates create comfortable conditions across its regions for local and foreign organizations to develop in, flooding its emirates with expatriates and turning Dubai into an economic center of the Middle East.

Town offers a lot of residential and commercial property for rent and purchase, including office spaces for companies to settle in around most of its districts.

Why should you buy an office space in Business Bay?

Although you can find administrative buildings and co-working spaces for purchase scattered across many districts of Dubai, Business Bay is considered a better option for a few reasons:

  • Location; 
  • High amount of offers;
  • General popularity;
  • Affordable price.

Let’s break down each reason: Business Bay is located in the heart of town, both economic and location-wise and is considered to be the region’s commercial capital. It’s a district with plenty of available services that’s convenient to go around, being close to many other districts, including the international airport. The area is filled with skyscrapers and buildings designated to be office or co-working spaces, so it’s always full of offers of various size and taste.

As a result of factors stated above, this district is popular among many organizations willing to purchase the best property in the fast-paces economic environment, thus creating a healthy competitive atmosphere on the market, balancing all the offers. 

This way, although Business Bay is considered to be a district of higher price, plenty of offers create a variety between affordable, but still good choices and much more expensive variants that fit more specific needs.

Average office sale cost

As mentioned before, this district offers administrative space of different affordability to fit all organizations flooding in. The average price for properties in Business Bay generally starts from about 1 mil. AED for options around 100 m² and can go as high as 35 mil. AED for options well exceeding 700 m². 

The price may vary depending on a list of things such as construction company, furnished or shell, the quality of decoration of furnished options and different additional properties of the building, for example, security systems or even the existence of balconies. 

For instance, two options for approximately the same size (265 m² and 290 m²) are up for sale for 4.2 mil. AED and 9.2 mil. AED respectively. The main difference between them is that the first option is sold as shell, meaning it doesn’t have any furniture inside except for preinstalled storage space. That being said, furnished property can sometimes be twice as expensive to purchase.

Benefits of working with us

Bright Rich | CORFAC International is a professional team of experts that helps to buy, sell, rent and invest into commercial and residential property. 

The company provides consulting and brokerage services world-wide, accompanying you at every stage of the transaction. Our specialists are out there to find you the best property to work, live or invest in.