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3 BHK apartments for sale in UAE

A 3-bedroom apartment is one of the most premium real estate options, purchased both for personal use and for investment purposes. It is noteworthy that in the Emirates, housing of this configuration is not just living space with three rooms. As a rule, these are very large living premises, the area of which can reach 200 m² with a living room, hall, kitchen, three sleeping rooms and three or four bathrooms. The highest level properties have a guest ensuite. Often 3 BHK flats offered for sale in the Emirates have panoramic windows, balconies and terraces. Housing of this type can be classified as an elite segment and an upper price segment. However, the real estate market in the UAE contains property of this type in the mid-price segment as well.

Why should you invest in a 3 bedroom apartment in Emirates?

Investing in property of this type in the Emirates is a direct path to receiving a stable, more than decent passive income. This is the most reliable way to protect your money, even compared to investing in seemingly safe stocks or other securities. 

Today, the United Arab Emirates is one of the centers of business life in the world. Many new facilities are constantly being built here. Due to the concentration of a huge number of both local, foreign and multinational companies, there is no shortage of people with high incomes who want to rent comfortable and modern housing. Most residential complexes, which include such spacious housing, offer complete infrastructure support for life, from fitness centers to private beaches, swimming pools, sports grounds, walking areas, and nightclubs. Typically, interiors are done in neutral colors using premium natural materials.

Benefits of working with us

By contacting our agency, you get the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the largest catalog of apartments for sale in the United Arab Emirates. You will be able to buy the property that best meets your expectations. We provide the most complete information about all objects, from the layout, floor and square footage to such nuances as the materials used in the finishing and the number of electrical outlets, not to mention the fact that one of the features of our catalog is a complete infrastructure map of the surrounding area. With it you can understand whether the surrounding institutions and facilities cover your needs in all areas, from gastronomy to education.