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Market research

The Bright Rich | CORFAC International Department of Analytics provides up-to-date information to developers and owners by recording and analyzing changes in residential and commercial real estate market in the format of analytical reports.

At your request, our experts will monitor and compare the cost of owned real estate and assets that are planned for acquisition, prepare a research on the compliance of current rental rates and other indicators with market conditions, and analyze the pool of existing and potential projects of competitors according to specified criteria.

In addition, as part of the work with the owners and developers, our experts will prepare an analysis of the most effective use of the property and develop recommendations to achieve the required revenue.

When preparing the research, our experts take into account the current and predicted market indicators, as well as key characteristics of the analyzed real estate object or group of objects.

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  • Analytical research of the commercial and residential real estate market
  • Monitoring and comparative analysis of rental rates and the value of real estate
  • Preparation of market performance research and other services for commercial and residential property, real estate portfolios, investment and development projects
  • Analysis of the most efficient use of real estate
  • Competitive analysis in the real estate market

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